Humanitarian Disaster (or a 5K, as I call it).

So, Erin and I ran a 5K this weekend at Seneca Park/SP Zoo. It started just like any other, but then things got ugly. Muy feo. People were reacting physically as though they were running a marathon unprepared. I have never witnessed so many ailments when running a 5K. I ran past a woman having an asthma attack before the first mile-marker, and people wretching in the grass. One of my highlights of the race was witnessing the girl running in front of me pee her pants. Id like to thank her for the fact that I will forever associate the Violent Femmes’ “Add It Up” with pants-wetting.
Let me take a moment and explain that while the day ultimately ended up being hot, it really wasn’t at 8:15am, so that couldn’t have been a factor (except for maybe the asthma sufferer). I’m a firm believer in the fact the one should only sign up for races he/she can complete safely and successfully. Now, I know 5Ks draw a wide skill set, mainly because people can choose to walk, if they are uncomfortable. But no one was choosing to walk! The coup de grace for me came as I hung out at the finish line after I was done, and this girl crossed the line, twisted up her face, and then vomited everywhere. Fan-tastic. We all know that I start to panic when the V enters the picture, but luckily it was addressed immediately, and without requiring a respirator on my part.

It kind of amazes me how acutely inactive bodies react to physical activity. And how for many people, that’s not a wake-up call, but rather an excuse to further avoid exercise. I’m truly not busting on anyone for struggling during the race, but I do think people have a responsibility to take care of their bodies. Health is a finite resource. And plus, I don’t want to be downwind from the smell of urine while running ever again.