The WeinerTweet.

Ok, so now we’ve been inundated with what seems like near hourly updates on the news that Anthony Weiner tweeted pictures of his, um, weiner to women who are not his wife, as well as carried on in other forms of cybermedia. And thus far, he refuses to resign from his position in the House. Unlike a lot of people, I happen to more or less support that decision. While what he did was no doubt devastating to his wife and family, I don’t think it has any direct impact on his work as a representative. I find him to be a bright, capable (and certainly colorful) leader, who champions great causes. Honestly, people’s sexual endeavors are nobody’s business but their own, and to call for his resignation based solely on that action is puritanical and let’s face it, a really weak case.


The catch to this (for me) is that he lied. Whaaaat? A dishonest politician? The hell you say! Honestly, had he been up front from the get-go, and said, “Look, you know what? That is my picture, and I’m embarassed and sorry to do have done such a foolish thing”, I’d have some respect for the guy. Had he done that, and then said he wasn’t going to resign, I’d say fine. Good. Lesson learned: don’t put your genitalia on internet blast, particulary when you’re a married elected official. But you lied about it. To everyone. And while I’m not going to be naive and act as though a lie coming from a politician is a rarity, THAT is the part of this situation that that’s a bit hard to swallow. As a representative of the people, it is one’s responsibility to tell the truth. But all that said, I still can’t say I think he should resign, because as I’ve said, they all lie. We’d have lots of desolate government space across this great land if we demanded that everyone resign for lying. An oversimplification, yes. But you get my point.

Nonetheless, if I were a betting woman, I’d venture to guess that Rep. Weiner will ultimately resign. I think this is going to put him in a pressure cooker to vacate his seat, due to people’s inability to separate the complexities of personal and professional responsibilities, and due to the desire for those in his party to distance themselves from him. And of course, there are always the Republicans, who are in perpetual lie-in-wait mode for something just like this to spring up, so they can attack. But even if he goes, maybe he’ll bounce back. I mean, look at Spitzer…you don’t see him walking around with his head hung low, particularly while spouting off on CNN. Maybe there’s a seat available at that table for Weiner.