It’s time to get angry.

Read this. Read this, and get mad. Rageful. Cry. And then act.

Because until we all start to recognize that this unspeakable violence against women is real (and happening everyday, everywhere in the world) then it will continue to happen-unless we do something about it. And if it happens to one of us, it happens to all of us. Every single time.

Thanks to Lauren at I’m Better In Real Life for sharing this article.


Etsy Pick of the Week.

I’m addicted to Etsy. I admit it. Lately, I’ve been spending money like a madman (woman?) on everything from gifts for Christmas to collars for Pick. Last week, though, I picked up two things for myself, and they are these (click to enlarge):

These prints come from the Gothicrow Etsy shop. This artist’s work is lovely and ethereal and sort of sad, and I had to have some of it in my home. I have always been fascinated with crows, the way their silhouettes create so much depth and drama in bare tree limbs, so her work spoke to me. The only trouble is, I can’t decide where to display it. So, check out the gothicrow shop, and maybe pick up a print or two-the holidays are just around the corner!

Alice hits the big 8-0.

Alice had a birthday last weekend, so we all gathered to celebrate her 80 grand years on this earth. Here she is with my sister, brother, my cousins Erin and Emily, and me. We constitute one quarter of her grandchildren. Thank God they weren’t all there-I don’t think my mother could’ve handled the stress of trying to fit anyone else into the frame, using my camera (nice work, Patti). Anyway, we had a great day together, full of her crazy stories and warmth, and I hope that she was able to see how much we all love her. Also, if I can look half as good at 80 as she does, I’ll be happy. I hope I have her genes-I clearly have her love of orange-based reds.

PS-don’t let the somber face fool you-she was two glasses of chardonnay deep at this point, and had introduced me to my cousin’s boyfriend twice. Happy birthday, Alice!